About BST

BST Power (Shenzhen) Limited, founded in 2002, is a high-tech enterprise specialize in R&D, producing and selling of rechargeable batteries. Headquartered in Shenzhen, we are boosting our market shares and R&D strengthby integrating advantages of coastal regions and abundant talents and expanding our production capacity with new Hunan (China) manufacturing base in place.

With the continuous increase of trade volume and the evolving of techniques,BST has invested more resources to set up new subsidiary companies.We have established Hengyang BST Power Limitedand built a related nickel batterymanufacturing-base to produce emergency lighting nickel batteriesspecifically. In 2016, we have established another company, the Hengyang LC Energy Storage Limitedand its related lithium batterymanufacture base there to specialize in the R&Dand production of lithium batteries, which have all laid a solid foundation for the development and marketing of energy storage products.

Enterprise Culture

Ourcompany has gradually formed a uniquecultureto guide and restrain our behaviors after years of development.

Our Mission

Utilizing Clean Energy EfficientlytoKeep the Earth Infinitely Green

Our Vision

We hope topromote the world into a clean energy era and to bring a happy life to our employees.

Our Core Values

Integrity--Develop our morality with honesty, establish our career with sincerity

Pragmatism--Work hard and meticulously, seek truth from facts

Innovation-- step by step, constantly innovating

Advancing--keep passionate and strive to make progress

Our Guidance

Credibility first, quality oriented, energy conservation, emission reduction and security prioritized.

About BST
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